Personal Body Plan

Me starting my Personal Body Plan,

Got me so many reactions! Some negative, but most of ‘em positive so thank you! There’s also a lot of questions coming my way, like how I’m doing after nearly a month of doing Personal Body Plan. Of you missed my intro of this, you can check it out right here. And if you’re curious of how I’m doing: keep reading.

The food

The one thing I was worried about most: what will I eat? Quite a lot actually. I’m allowed to eat 1500 kcal a day. Which is quite a lot, considering I usually ate around 1200. I must say this worried me a little at first, but I do eat completely different things now. My carbs, fats, protein and fibers are all tracked and guess what? I used to eat way too much fat and way too little protein. So that’s something that changed.

I must say, food takes up a lot of my time. More than working out even, I think. It’s doing groceries and cooking – as you can see in the photos up here, I’ve become quite the kitchen princess. But it’s also calculating how to get all my nutritions in proportion. At first, that really got me down. I couldn’t get it right. But my coach Kirsten – who is awesome by the way – told me I would get used to it and I feel like I am. Even though I still can’t keep my hands away from chocolate and alcohol all the time.

The workout

As you read, I’ve started working out three times a week, in the Hub in Amsterdam North. This is is a gym where you can only work out if you do Personal Body Plan, also in the pics up here. It might look a little intimidating at first, but the people here really are the nicest.

And the best thing? There’s always multiple coaches walking around who know exactly how you need to do your exercises and can also help you if you can’t do one. I got myself a shoulder injury after my first work out. Typical, right? Luckily, I got a replacement for the two exercises I couldn’t do anymore. O and of course I had to make a mirror selfie since it’s such a pretty place.

The mind

One think I can not say enough: this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Sounds cliche, but is the truth. Which makes your mind and behavior just as important as nutritions and workouts. Every day I get a behavioral lesson. About what my struggles are and how I deal with problems, but also how my body works.

The result

Also a FAQ – lol – of course: do you see any result? Honestly, my first measuring moment is next week and I will not stand on the scale before that. I also don’t really see any difference in my body, though my stomach is less bloated. But you know, it’s a process and it’ll take a while. I wasn’t an unhealthy person when I started so I don’t expect a giant weight loss or mega muscles after only four weeks.

Keep up with me and maybe/hopefully/definitely you will see the change. Or better yet: join me! There’s still some room in Team July 4th. You have up until Wednesday the 29th to sign up for Personal Body Plan. Let me know if you’re considering, I have a nice discount code somewhere. And I’d love to keep in touch of course 😉

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