Personal Body Plan

Life of a Personal Body Plan’er,

Is an ups and downs kinda story. For me at least. That’s why for this update, I though it would be fun to do a top 3. Pros and cons. That I called ups and downs, since that’s really how it’s been going. By the way, thanks again for all the support I’ve been getting from you! Right here, as well as on Instagram, in real life or any other place.

Up: loss of cm

Honestly, I don’t really see it myself, but I keep getting compliments from people. Including my coach. So I must be doing something right. I’ve lost 11 cm in total my last measuring so I’m curious – and a little scared – to see what my results are next week.

Up: work outs

I used to work out, really! About 3 to 4 times a week as well. Just as I do now. The big difference though: now I know what I’m doing. I know which exercises to do and how many times to do them to get the most result out of them. And the pbp-coaches in the Hub keep an eye on my technique as well, very nice! And of course that awesome selfie-mirror keeps doing its work.

Up: knowledge

What counts for work outs, also counts for food: I always counted calories, but I just did it at random. What I mean is, I counted how many I ate, but not what kind. Turns out I ate way too many carbs and fats – even though they were the healthy kind – and not nearly enough protein. Personal Body Plan teaches me exactly which nutritions I should eat to – again – get the most result.

Down: lack of weight loss

Even though I have been getting compliments, I find them hard to believe since I haven’t lost all that much weight. 1 kg to be precise. In 6 weeks, that’s not that much. But my coach says not to worry, that muscles weigh more than fat and that I’m probably holding on to some fluid with this warm weather – as gross as that sounds.

Down: technology

This really is too bad, since Personal Body Plan is an online coaching program. You’d expect their app and website to be top of the game. It’s not. The app gets a lot of errors and if you ask me, some very obvious functionalities are missing. Like the option to delete or edit meals or enter meals the day before. Now I have to use another app which is quite devious if you ask me. O, and it always logges me out after a couple of minutes.

Down: breakdowns

Does this sounds dramatic? Maybe it’s a little overdramatic. As I told you before, I have a very unhealthy relationship with food and as much as I wanted that to disappear as soon as I started with Personal Body Plan, of course it hasn’t. I still have a breakdown from time to time, in which I eat everything I can find. Chocolate, cookies, bread, pancakes; A-NY-THING. And that sucks. But I keep telling myself this is a process and things like that don’t just fix themselves. It takes time and work and I try. And I’ll keep trying and that’s the most important thing, right?

So that’s it for my update this month, let me know if you’re still interested. And if you’re also a pbp’er – or not – let me know how it’s going with you! Also, if you’re not, you can still join in! There’s room for you in #team1augustus and if you use DQRSJNWLTH to sign up for Personal Body Plan, you get a nice discount.

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