Personal Body Plan Bali

Doing Personal Body Plan while being on beautiful Bali,

Can I do it? That’s more of the question really. Or it was, because I – sad face – am back in the Netherlands again already. So how did I do? Pretty good actually. Honestly, I think I only checked out the app two or three times while I was there so did I really do Personal Body Plan? Maybe not. The whole philosophy behind it though, was in the back of my head all the time. I have been doing this for over a 100 days now after all.

To work out or not to work out

So question number two: did I work out? I only went to the gym once, did yoga twice and went surfing a couple of times. Which is a workout, but not for your entire body per se. Certainly not like a heave weight lifting session like I did them four times a week in the Hub. Though I did fall down a lot and that’s pretty tiring. Walking isn’t something you do a lot on Bali either, me and my scooter were best friends.

Food, food, food

The good thing about Bali – or being on a holiday in general, maybe – is that you don’t cook. At least I didn’t. I ate at a restaurant or cafe about three times a day. Which sounds very fattening, but it actually means you hardly eat anything in between those meals. And that’s where I usually go wrong back home. Just a little bite here and there. Didn’t get those on Bali.

The result

So what’s the result after about 3,5 weeks of only Personal Body Plan’ing a little? Of course I gained weight, which was to be expected. Like I said: you can’t keep up the good work if your body is used to four heavy gym sessions a week. The amount wasn’t as bad as I thought though: + 0,5 kg. And a couple of extra cm around my waist. Where I gain weight the fastest, but also lose it quite quickly. Which I plan on doing the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck!

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