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I’ve started Personal Body Plan,

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might already know this, because I posted this photo. That’s me, working out in the Changing Life Hub, where you can only work out if you’re a Personal Body Plan member. But I’ll save the story about that place for later. I’ve been getting a lot of questions ever since I posted that pic, so for now I’ll stick to trying to explain what it is I’m doing exactly.

This new thing we’re doing

This post is gonna be a lot more personal that you’re used to, but it’s the only way to explain what it is I’m doing and why I’m doing it. You see, I’ve never been a skinny girl. I’ve been struggling with my weight for about 10 years now. A couple of weeks ago I met up with a friend who’s been having the same problem and who has joined me in dieting for multiple times as well. It always worked, for a couple of weeks, and then we went back to drinking and eating everything we could find. I think the term jojo might have been mentioned quite a couple of times. Anyhow, she told me about this new thing she was doing.

I can do this myself

That was Personal Body Plan. And so I started researching it. I had heard about it a few times, but always thought: I know what I have to do, I don’t need somebody to tell me, I can do this myself. Well, apparently I don’t. Hence those 10 years. Then I went on a short trip to Croatia, saw myself in the photos and again was not happy with what I saw – that one up here is the best I could find. And that’s when I thought: fuck it, I’m doing this.


I started June 6th. We actually have a hashtag going on on social media: #team6juni. Because yeah, there’s a pretty big group starting every month and there’s multiple channels where we keep each other motivated, share delicious recipes and tips. That’s one of the perks: you’re definitely not doing this alone. But let’s start at the beginning.

Your Personal Body Plan, literally

When you sign up on PBP, you have to answer a lot of questions about yourself. Your body, habits, knowledge. That’s what they base everything on. Wait, everything? What does that entail? A training program, feeding schedule and behavioral lessons. Heavy right? But remember, everything is focused on your situation. It’s completely personal. And that feeding schedule: all they tell you is how many calories and micronutrients – that’s carbs, protein and fat – your body needs. That differs on whether you have a work out day or you don’t.

Keep an eye on me

And the best thing – of course I saved the best for last – is that you get a personal coach. A coach, all to yourself, that you can contact any time. And they respond within 24 hours, even on weekends. They keep your schedule updated, check if anything has to be moderated and keep an eye on your progress. Like I said: this is the most personal post I’ve written in over six years of blogging. And there will be blogs coming that are even more personal, because I decided I’m gonna keep you updated on this. And that’s scary, so wish me luck.

And if you feel like joining me, there’s a spot for you in #team4juli. So check out Personal Body Plan and let me know, because I have a small discount for you if you do.

PS: if you want to see more of my gym adventures, food creations and mental struggles, you can find me on Snapchat as Xannsplace.

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  • Klinkt spannend, en ik snap je gejojo, ik heb er ook last van. Ik kijk ook wel eens naar foto’s en denk dat ‘shit, not cool dit’. Maar anyhow vind ik je wel mooi zoals je bent hoor! Maar ik snap je, je moet je zelf goed voelen!

    Ik was wel benieuwd: is zo’n gym ook in Groningen of zijn ze aangesloten bij bepaalde scholen? En is het echt zo duur als ik had gehoord? Ik wacht jouw resultaatjes even af (niet dat ik het kan betalen door mijn spaarplan voor m’n wereldreis though :)) Maar ben superbenieuwd en wens je veel succes!

    • Het is superspannend! Maar ook heel erg tof. Lief van je! En right back at you of course <3

      Ze hebben 1 Personal Body Gym, de Hub in Amsterdam Noord dus. Maar je kunt PBP in elke gym doen, zelfs in de Basic Fit. En ja, het is pricy. Ik heb in 1x betaald (dan krijg je 10% korting) en had via een vriendinnetje een Tell-a-friend-code, omgerekend betaal ik nu €69 per maand. Maar als dit me helpt om goed in m'n vel te zitten dan vind ik dat het wel waard.

      Thanks love! Ik houd je op de hoogte 😉 En mocht je nog vragen hebben: let me know! X

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