VOW label Kiltie

I love my sneakers,

You know that. But I get bored quickly; you know that too. So what to do when you want to wear those pretty white sneakers, but are kinda done with the plain look? Enter Kilties. Wait, what? It sounds funny, yes. It’s very cool though.

A Kiltie originally is a Scottish golf thing. I don’t know why exactly. It’s not like it has any golf-purpose. It does look cute though; which is probably why VOW label decided to give it a remake and make it a modern day accessory for your sneakers.

I’m currently obsessing over fringes so this seemed like a very good option for me. Honestly, I did have to get used to it at first. Now I really it is a good option though. It makes my sneakers just that little bit different without being all up in you face, since it’s simple white leather. Although, I am eying the printed Kiltie right now. You can never go wrong with leopard print, right?

VOW label Kiltie

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