Jan Boelo

I’m in a dark fashion phase right now,

The invitation to come check out Jan Boelo’s latest collection couldn’t have come at a better time. Seeing as he is known for his use of leather and mostly black among other colors like dark red, white and grey. So I was incredibly curious to see his creations for next winter.

You might have spotted a preview on the latest Instalife already. If you liked that, better check out the full collection called Chapter Friday. Or actually, it’s more like the name of the event than just the collection. Because he made a show out of it, I can tell you that much. Starting off with a welcoming cocktail in an industrial place in down town Groningen and finishing with an after party.

The models showed the collection on a runway covered in old tires and rusty equipment, while loud music blasted. Of course there were many leather pieces, but also long coats, cut off blouses and my personal favorite: fabulous bomber jackets. I don’t know what it is, but I’m on a total bomber jacket frenzy right now. Even though I can’t pull them off. Doesn’t make it any less fun looking at them. Especially if they look like the ones on Jan Boelo’s runway.

Photo: Jan Buwalda

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