Primark fall winter 2015

A couple years ago,

I would buy the whole store when visiting Primark. I loved it. Cheap, fashionable clothes? Yes please! It changed though. I didn’t go as often and when I went I hardly bought anything. That might change, because I got to see the fall/winter 2015 collection last week and it was pretty damn cute.

Of course it wasn’t really possible to photograph everything so I have just a little preview for you, but there’s lots of cute things to see anyway. Like those gorgeous bordeaux red colored pumps and the matching colorized necklace. Huge statement, but so pretty.

FYI, I do know those photos are tilted weirdly but for some reason my cms decided not to do anything about that and make the gallery totally weird. Great. O well, you get the point. Focus on that gorgeous black necklace, also in the Primark fall winter 2015 collection, love it..

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