Those who follow me on Instagram might have seen that photo of me being really happy with a pair of new sunglasses. That deserves some explanation, doesn’t it? They’re glasses by Blueprint and I’m totally in love with them. Why? Well, let’s see.

I love sunglasses and I have a lot of them, but I have to admit they’re all pretty cheap and that’s really noticeable when in the full sun. When I’m driving or reading in the park, for example. Those situations require something with a bit more quality.

Blueprint can give you that quality. Their frames are very flexible and made of durable thermo memory-polycarbonate, which makes them very hard to break, and the glasses are made of polarized polycarbonate which reflects the shine of the sun when you need it. Also, you can totally customize your sunglasses. Put in some reflective orange glasses in a pink frame for example. Or get the black frame with green glasses. Check out your options, there are a lot.

The one I’m wearing is the Choclate Tortoise, by the way. All Blueprint sunglasses are available for € 39,95 at their website. A customizable one will cost you € 49,95. Not much for a pair of awesome sunglasses, right?


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