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Diamonds are a girls best friend,

but in this case it’s definitely pearls you need. I’m talking lipstick. This Veiled Rouge by Shiseido to be precise. Not only is the color pretty much perfect, the formula is too. Tested so many times you’d be surprised if there was any flaw left. Let’s take a closer look.

At the color, firstly. Since that’s the most important thing really. No need to worry there, because there’s eight to choose from. Starting at a pretty heavy berry pink one and ending with a beige looking kinda color. Pretty, but this one up here is definitely my favorite. Subtle, but still with that red lip classic thing present.

So let’s talk quality, cause what use do those perfect colored red lips have if they won’t last? That’s where the pearls come in. Veiling pearl gives your lips amazing, long lasting shine. All over the place. And because it’s wrapped in a veil – so to say – it will last. And it hydrates too. Shiseido’s research center definitely went all out with this one and it shows. Great job!

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