Dior and I review

As a fashion lover,

It’s probably no surprise I love fashionable documentaries. I seriously think The September Issue is my favorite film ever. Up until now, because yesterday I visited the premiere of Dior and I, the documentary about the first collection Raf Simons did for Dior.

A haute couture collection nonetheless. And he had to do it in eight weeks. Say what? You can imagine what kind of stress accompanies a deadline like that. In Dior and I you see Raf Simons from the moment he’s introduced as the new creative director up until he walks the runway after his first collection is presented.

Extra fun are the little snippets of black and white film showing ‘monsieur Dior’ back in the day. It’s so fascinating to see how designs of the fashion house these days are still inspired by the designs originally made by Dior last century.

All and all, I seriously recommend you watch this movie. Even if you’re not a ginormous fashion love like I am. Even if you don’t like fashion at all. The dedication and emotion going on at Raf Simons, the atelier and all the other people at Dior in the process of making an haute couture collection is utterly fascinating and extremely interesting for anyone to watch. Even if you don’t like pretty clothes.

FYI, the premiere was held at EYE, a film museum in Amsterdam. Which if you haven’t yet, you really should come see. Even if it’s just to do a quick drink on the terrace. Beautiful from the out- and inside.

Dior and I review

Dior and I review

Dior and I review

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