Rituals Oriental Nights

It’s freezing cold outside,

And dark too. So what’s more pleasant¬†than locking yourself up, throw on a cozy sweater and light some candles? Especially if those candles smell like sweet spices. Or candle really, because you do not need more than one of these beauties: the Rituals Oriental Nights collection.


You see, the smell is so heavy, I actually replaced it from right next to me to across the room. Which is a good thing, because it perfumes the entire room instead of just releasing some scent when you hang right above it – watch out hair.

Scented candle

This scented candle from the Oriental Nights collection contains mirre and kardemom. That first one will calm you down and the second gives you a warm feeling all over and who doesn’t want that with it being minus twelve degrees – yes, I know I’m a drama queen – out and all.

Oriental Nights collection

FYI, if scented candles aren’t really your thing, you can also pick hand soap, body cream, tea or any other product from the Rituals Oriental Nights collection. Enjoy!

Rituals Oriental Nights

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