They’re back! Another selection of boots? I can hear you think. But this selection is different, can you see? It’s all black. I’ve been a big fan of the nature and nude colored shoes the past few years, but black is back in my vision.

It all started when I spotted a pair of simple black laced-up ankle boots at Invito. Then I started to check out more black beauties on their website. I’m talking Chelsea boots (with heel, because I find them to manly for my feet without), huge platforms, laced up ones, and – even though they’re not suited for winter at all – a cut out pair.

You can even spot a desert boot right in the middle, which is extraordinary, since I don’t like the desert boot-trend at all. I feel like this kind of shoe (with the laces being up high and all) makes my feet look huge up front, which they are in general. I do however like this pair, that is textured and dark colored. So yeah, I’m caving a little. Which is your favorite?



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