I recently told you about Hutspot, remember? If you missed it, better check it out because it’s awesome. One of the labels they sell is Jutka&Riska. I actually heard about it before, but didn’t really catch my eye. Until I saw some items there and loved it.

Jutka&Riska has a very romantic collection actually, lots of pastels and earthly colors. Exactly my thing, that is. So it’s quite a miracle I didn’t buy anything when seeing it. My friend Laura did buy a really warm and fluffy sweater there, so cute! I’m kinda regretting not getting it myself so I think I’ll pay another visit when I’m back in Amsterdam.

Here’s some photos of their store, that I didn’t visit yet but would love to see. I can definitely recommend you to take a look at their collection sometime. To learn where you can do that near you, check their website.



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