Slip 'em on!

Even though I love to live my life on heels full time, I find myself wearing flats more and more these days. Maybe because my feet are starting to protest or because I realized I’m not as short as I think and tend to overlook everyone with twelve centimeters under my feet. Anyway, it’s about time I started shopping for some flats.

Especially since these flats are a huge trend. They were this summer and will be this fall/winter season. I’m talking about slip on’s. Shoes that – like their name says – you just slip on and walk away on. Is it gonna get any better?

Well yeah, because these comfi fashionable shoes come in all sorts of fun prints! As a print lover I sometimes get a little sad thinking about the bright colored prints that do not match as much in winter as they did in summer, but luckily there’s enough replacement. Like natural toned snake print of pastel flowers. Doesn’t mean I dislike a simple colored one every now and then.


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