I love sunglasses and so I have a lot of them. A lot. I’m thinking maybe fifteen or twenty. Sounds like enough right? Well, think again, because in my opinion you can never have too many. Therefore I looked up some more.

So I visited one of my favorite webshops, Zalando. Seeing as they have thousands of articles on their website, I figured there must be some awesome sunglasses waiting for me over there. And I wasn’t disappointed. Far from it actually, I can’t seem to choose!

I’m utterly in love with the rounded John Lennon kinda glasses, but I’m also a total leopard print kinda girl and those butterfly shaped sunglasses catch my attention more than once. I have made a whole wishlist right now, but I’m afraid I can’t have it all. My holiday wardrobe budget isn’t just for eye wear you know. What’s your favorite?

G-Star € 119,95, Even&Odd € 14,95, Michael Kors € 119,95
Even&Odd € 14,95, Le Specs € 59,95, mint&berry € 19,95


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