Smokey eyes inspiration

My make-up addiction comes in phases,

There’s periods of time when I’m all good with just a little mascara – and blush, fair enough – and there are times when I love going all out. With eye shadow for example. Smokey eyes for example. Who doesn’t love a good smokey eye? And with Christmas coming up it’s the perfect time to experiment with them. Which is why I went looking for some smokey eyes inspiration.

Natural smokey eyes

So there are three options I looked for. Number one is the natural looking kinda one. You know, the smokey eye you can also wear to work without looking like you’re ready to party on a Monday morning. Which is weird. I’m talking natural colors like different shades of brown and taupe and absolutely no glitter.

Colorful smokey eyes

Another option, exactly the opposite one really, is the colorful smokey eye. And no, that will not make you look like a clown. The best way to handle this is to pick one bright color – pink, green, purple; whatever’s your favorite – and use different shades of it. So classy!

Black smokey eyes

Last, but not least. Better yet, my personal favorite: the black smokey eye. Like, very black. I used go by this look practically every day. I don’t anymore, obviously, but I still like it very much from time to time. Using the darkest eye shadow and just blending it out towards the edges. Maybe add a little bit of glitter here and there, but mainly: black.

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