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Remember how I,

Told you about my latest obsession called Snapchat. Now of course I want you all to follow me and of course I’ll follow back, cause I’m a curious kinda girl. I love checking out all the new snaps over breakfast, while I should really get ready for work. Yes, I’m actually running late a lot of the time thanks to social media.

Which is also why it’s probably not a good idea I decided to check out who else is throwing photos and videos into world on my new favorite app. But I did and who would I be if I didn’t share my finds with you? It’s mostly fashion people, but there’s some others there too. So check this out, the must follows on Snapchat:

  • kylizzlemynizzl – Kylie Jenner
  • realsheamarie – Shea Marie
  • selenagomez – Selena Gomez
  • livelybk – Blake Lively
  • billieroseblog – Billie Rose
  • lobosworth – Lo Bosworth
  • doublegiforce – Gigi Hadid
  • jaredleto – Jared Leto
  • bryanboy – Bryanboy
  • nextjenneration – Brody Jenner
  • rihanna – Rihanna
  • thezoereport – Rachel Zoe

Photo: Only Deco Love

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