snowboard outfit

You know what I’m doing tomorrow?

Getting on a bus. For 15 hours. FIFTEEN. It’s gonna be worth it though, because fifteen hours – or a little bit more, but you get the point – later I will be knees deep in a pile of snow. With my pretty, pretty snowboard in hand, of course. Can you tell I’m excited?

Decisions decisions

So yeah, my snowboard is gorgeous, but what else will I wear? I went out looking for some inspiration to find the perfect snowboard outfit. Bright colors or basic black? Tight or baggy? Matching or mess? So many options!

Future snowboard outfit

In the end I didn’t even really pick an outfit, the outfit picked me. Snowboarding gear is damn expensive so I dived into the old stuff to see what I already had and borrowed some pretty cool things from my friend. Maybe I’ll publish an outfit post later, good idea? For now: let’s take a look at some pretty pictures to see what my future snowboard outfit will look like.

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