Summer streetwear looks

The most asked question at fashion week:

What are they wearing? And I’m not talking designer outfits or extravagant shoes. I’m talking trends. What are all the fashionable people wearing so we can wear the same? Okay, so it might not be all that copycatish, but it sure is fun to watch. So I selected my six favorite summer streetwear looks.

Let me start with a little disclaimer: I did not take these photos myself, unfortunately of course. I kinda stole them from Team Peter Stigter, which is this amazing team of photographers that visits practically every fashion week out there to photograph the show and streetwear.

So when I spotted lots of fashionable people at the Amsterdam version I knew I had to check out their site to find the photos. Below you find my six favorite looks:

crazy khaki’s / denim dreams / luscious locks / dip-dye dress / cute casual / all black everything

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