fashion trend: denim

I’ve spotted a new fashion trend: denim,

Or well, new might not be the right word. Because it has always been there, for ages. A little new however, is denim all over the place. You heard me. My favorite spring fashion trend: denim on denim. I love it.

Denim in different colors

There’s different kinds of denim of course, different kinds fabric. But also color. White washed, light blue, dark blue, black; you name it. And combine it. It’s pretty¬†to wear shade that are pretty similar together, but contrasting denim is a great option to have a little more fun with this fashion trend.

Denim on denim on denim

Also: different pieces of clothing. Denim on denim doesn’t necessarily mean you wear a denim jacket on top of jeans. On the contrary, you can wear whatever the hell you want. Tight denim pencil skirt and denim blouse? Yes please! That jacket on shorts? Definitely! Here’s some inspiration for you:

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