The nineties are way hot, we know that. Think crop tops, sneakers and dungarees. I’d even give platform shoes a try, if I have too. Except, these might be taking it a little too far.

I used to be major Spice Girls fan and I’ve always been a shoe lover. So it may come as no surprise that my ten-year-old self had a pair of pink shiny platform shoes in her closet. Not even kidding, I loved them. Looking back on it now, I’m not such a big fan anymore. But I’d still rather wear those again than choose these sneaker kinda things with lights in the sole.

They’re an eyecatcher, that’s for sure. But I’d rather not catch any eyes while wearing these, even though Lily Allen – love her – is a big fan. It’s a design by British label Ashish that will be sold at Topshop, if you’re interested.

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