Striped skirt outfit

It’s been quite a long time,

Since I’ve posted an outfit. And honestly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to post this since I’m not very sure I like these photos. I was so tired when shooting these with the lovely Kim and it shows. Also: they’re so freakishly random. Usually I’m not really into photos being all ‘look at me and my outfit’.

Not so perfect pictures

However, I didn’t have all that much inspiration on writing an article and life is not perfect, neither are my photos. So I figured: why not show these anyway? Which is why you’re looking at my secret striped skirt outfit.

Strike two

Which is why there’s only pictures of me sitting down. Wait what? Well, here it is: you might not notice it, but there’s stripes on that skirt. And you know what small stripes do on a photo? They make you dizzy as hell, indeed. I guess I didn’t really think that true. Like I did before, guess I just love my stripes too much.

Zara – skirt
Mango – cardigan
Zara – jacket
Adidas – shoes

Striped skirt outfit


Striped skirt outfit

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