Summer dresses trends

It’s time for the summer dresses trends,

Is a weird thought I’m having, because while I’m typing this rain is pouring outside. Isn’t it lovely to live in the Netherlands? Luckily, the weather seems to be clearing up next week. Up to 30 degrees celsius nonetheless. Needless to say, I’m in desperate need of some cute summer dresses. So what do I do? Spot some trends of course. Here’s my top 5 summer dresses trends:

Off shoulder dresses

Let’s start with the biggest trend of this summer: the off shoulder. Whether it’s tops, blouses or – of course – dresses; off shoulder is the biggest thing this season. And maybe next. I love it, but there’s a big but. Or rather, big shoulders. Me playing waterpolo for years have resulted in some pretty wide shoulders, which makes this trend not really for me. Sadly.


Yes, please! Even though I’ve been all up in minimalistic outfits the last couple of months, I feel like that’s about to change again. I’ve seen so many cute prints in store already. Flowers, paisleys, stripes, dots, pineapples, bananas; you name it.

Overknee dress

Also a big favorite of mine, because this trend is totally suitable for the office. Leave those mini dresses at the beach and dress up in knee highs. Dresses, that is. Enjoy the summer breeze without being too “naked”. Isn’t that ideal? FYI, more overknee inspiration right here.


You can never wear too many denim. I’ve loved the denim on denim trend that was going on during spring and I’m definitely loving the denim dresses trend for summer.


This last one, is one of the summer dresses trends that’s there every year: boho. Which means flowy dresses, but also lots of lace. Watch out with this one, because long lace dresses can look like you’re about to get married. Here’s a thought: try lace in color for once. Like yellow, which is very much a trend for summer as well. But I’ll get back to you on that.

Photo on top: Marievb

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