summer interior inspiration

A summer interior,

Is essential. With a grey and rainy winter coming up I need a little touch of summer in my home. For those of you that don’t know: I recently bought a house in Amsterdam. In two months I will be moving in, so I’ve been looking for interior inspiration like crazy. Even more than usual. And I found lots of summer-looking interiors. This is how you do it:

1. Get a Rotan chair

You know, one of those retro wicker chairs. Doesn’t look all that comfortable, but if you add some fun pillows and/or one of those soft sheepskins it really is.

2. Put a colorful rug down

Does this need any explanation? In a boho-summer-like interior you can go crazy on the rug. Not too crazy, keep away from the neon and harsh colors. But colors in general: yes please!

3. Use lots of wood

Because in a natural interior you need natural materials. Like wood. It instantly adds warmth to a cool white space and that’s what you want to create a cozy home. Also a good one: plants.

4. Buy multiple tiny tables

Why choose one if you can have three? Combining different kinds of tiny tables doesn’t only look really pretty, it’s practical as well. And you can change it up quite easy if you’re done with ‘em.

5. Collect posters

Or photos, that might be even better. Create a poster or photo wall filled with all your favorite looks. Does not only add some color, it also adds a very personal touch. Throw in some palm trees and beaches for an extra summer look.

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