Surfing in South France - Mimizan

Surfing in South France,

O how I’d love to right now. Weather hasn’t been all that good in the Netherlands. There’s been sun yes, but there’s been lots of rain as well. So surfing in a sunny beach town sounds pretty good to me right now. I’ve been to five different beach towns in the South of France in the past. And actually, they’re pretty much the same.

Best places to visit

Wait, what? I bet you thought this post would be about where to go and which town was best; right? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint. Or maybe I don’t, because what I’m saying here is that they’re all just as good. Better yet: they’re amazing. Let me start by saying which ones I’ve seen:

  • Moliets
  • Vieux Bouceau
  • Hossegor
  • Mimizan
  • Biarritz

Surfing in South France - Hourtin

Surfing sunsets

So I can’t tell you which one you should visit. I can however tell you to visit them all. Go rent one of those old school Volkswagen vans – or a cheaper version if you’re not a total rich kid – and explorer! Each and every town offers you great beaches, awesome places to hang out, beautiful nature¬†and the best waves. Especially if you’re not a surfer pro, like me.

O, and don’t forget to do a sunset surfer session. Because you must know: sunsets on the beach are the best. Especially if you’re in the water on a surf board. I did that in Bali last summer, but that might be a story for another blog.

Surfing in South France - Vieux Boucau

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