15 things no one asks, usually. Because my friend Lisette asked them anyway. She filled in this tag and asked me to do the same, who am I to say no? Are you excited to know a little bit more about me? Well, here we go then.

1. Do you sleep with the doors of your closet open or closed?
Closed, definitely. I can’t stand having doors open in general, except the one that goes outside. Other doors like cabinets or closets are always closed, even if I’m not asleep.

2. Do you take home mini bottles of shampoo from hotels?
I’m actually quite attached to my own shampoo so no, I don’t. Except for when the bottles look really pretty. I might empty them and use them for something else in that case.

3. Did you ever steel a street sign?
No, never. Why would I? I know some students tend to do it, but I don’t really see the point. Unless it’s a funny street sign that resembles your name or something, then it might be fun.

4. Do you use to-do lists?
Yes, definitely! I actually make lists of everything. If you check my phone you’ll find lists regarding to-do’s, but also to-buys, to-sees and to-pays (I hate those really) for example. It helps me remember what I simple cannot forget and it makes my head a little bit empty, because once it’s on the list, I’ll stop stressing about forgetting. I’m definitely a list girl.

5. Do you have freckles?
Only in summer, they tend to pop up. They’re usually not as visible though, because my freckles only show very lightly and I usually where a little make-up that covers them up. So when I got out of the gym (freshly showered and make-upless) with a friend recently she spotted them for the first time and was very surprised. Maybe you can see them a little in the photo at the top of this post.

6. Did you ever pee in the bushes?
I did! Though it was a long time ago. I don’t remember how long exactly, but we were doing some sort of survival trip with my waterpolo team and I had to go really bad, but of course there was no toilet to be seen anywhere. I hated it though, it’s so hard to keep still and not be noticed!

7. How large is your bed?
It’s actually not that large, one meter sixty centimeters wide, but it is very high. It literally goes up nearly halfway of my body which makes it look extremely comfortable. And it is. Though I manly bought it because I can store lots and lots of stuff beneath it. And I own lots and lots of stuff.

8. Are you lazy?
Yes, very much so. I really have to tell myself to get something done in a day or I will just hang around and do whatever I feel like doing. Though I also get bored quite fast so you won’t find me in bed until noon or in front of the tv for the whole day.

9. Are you annoyed with something right now?
Only with myself really, because I have a huge to-do list for today and I hardly did anything on it so I’ll never be able to finish it. Guess we’re back to the lazy part right?

10. Do you chew on pens and pencils?
Yeah, I do. You really don’t want to share a pen with me, because I can guarantee you my saliva will be all over it.

11. Were you a scout when you were younger?
Most definitely not. Honestly, they weren’t the coolest people in my eyes when I grew up. And also, I was way to busy hanging out with friends and playing waterpolo, which took up a great deal of my free time.

12. Do you still watch cartoons?
Absolutely! Do you not know how funny they are? I love Disney movies so much! My favorites are The Lion King and Finding Nemo. I can’t stop laughing and crying, sometimes both a the same time.

13. Do you count the steps when you walk the stairs?
I don’t think I ever did that. Usually I just complain to myself about how long or steep they are.

14. Do you ever dance when there’s no music around?
Definitely! When there’s a song stuck in my head and nobody’s watching, or at least I think nobody is. But it’s a rare thing to not have any music around for me, I don’t like silence so I almost always have something playing. Even if it’s just classical background music.

15. Do you know how to check the oil level of your car?
As a matter of fact, I do! My boss explained it to me recently, because I drove the company car for a while and it hadn’t been checked for quite long. So yeah, I know how to check it now. Though if you ask me again in a couple of months I probably forgot, since I don’t own a car myself.

And that was the last question, I made it! Were there any surprising answers there? By the way, if you have any questions you usually wouldn’t ask but want to now anyway: this is your time! Let me know! I’m a pretty curious girl myself so I’m tagging Tineke and Emilia to answer the same questions. Good luck!

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