It has been my savior: Batiste dry shampoo,

As you know, it’s not very good to wash your hair a lot. Actually, you should wash it as little as possible. The only problem? It gets very, very greasy. Mine especially. It’ll look good the first time I washed it, but the next: gone are my good looking locks. And that’s why I’ve always been so happy with my Batiste dry shampoo.

Batiste limited edition

Usually I use the Volume version, but there’s two limited editions on the market right now. They’re called Eden and Bloom and they’re so cute! Let’s start with Eden, the sweet looking pink one. Smells as sweet as it looks. Inspired by English gardens and vintage patterns, according to Batiste. What that smells like? Flowers! Bloom is flowerish as well, but a little more exotic. Both fragrances linger quite a while, which is nice.

Does it work?

Well, I can tell you with one sentence: “wow, your have a good hair day!”. Which is what one of my colleagues said when I used it for the first ánd second time. So yes, it does. The only downside? I have quite a lot of hair so I have to use quite a lot of product. And that makes those cans run out very fast. I feel like it’s even faster than with the Volume-one, but I didn’t count.

Positive: it leaves less of a whiteness than the Volume-version. Though I have to say a little combing gets rid of that as well. So honestly, I think I’ll stick to the Volume. Buttt: yay Batiste anyway!

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