The Body Shop nail polish

I’ve been using The Body Shop products for quite a while now and I do it with great pleasure so you can imagine my excitement when they released a nail polish line. But was that excitement legit? Let’s see!

This collection is called Colour Crush and contains 24 different shades. Happy shades, as The Body Shop calls them, so it might be a little bit ironic I bought the dark brown one. Not so happy, right? Though the name kinda is, it’s called Chocolate Cutie.

Anyhow, of course I tested it. Let’s start with the positive: like other TBS-products, the polishes are a hundred percent vegan. Also, the color on my nails resembles the bottle so no false pretenses there. The quality however is not as great as I would’ve liked. My nail polish usually chips quite fast, but this one started to after one day and who has time to do their nails every day?


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