Tested Clean 9

Can you lose weight with aloë vera?

And improve your health while you’re at it? Sounds good right? Drinking this all natural product and feel and look better in only nine days. Therefor I tested Clean 9, the cleanse that’s supposed to prove that you can. Warning: this blog post is a little long, but I wanted to tell you as well as possible how it works and what it did to me. FYI, this cleanse is not just a weight loss thing. It’s about getting healthier in general and prepping you for weight loss after, because you’ve gotten rid of toxins.

The Clean 9 box

Let’s start at the beginning. I got this box down here and this is what’s in it:

– two cans of Aloë Vera
– a shaker with a handy cabinet for pills and powder
– proteïne powder (you can choose chocolate or vanilla)
– fiber sticks
– therm pills for your natural caffeine fix
– soft gel pills
– measuring tape

Tested Clean 9

Before I began, I asked Anouk of Forever Living that gave me the Clean 9 if she had any tips for me. She did. She also understood my fear of no coffee – no coffee! – and reassured me that I wasn’t gonna lose any muscle. Here’s what she also told me:

– Drink lots of water!!
– Keep busy so you’re distracted and don’t think about food all the time
– Pimp those shakes with veggies and fruit (check out the book for some great recipes)

Day 1 & 2

Though they recommend starting on a Friday, I started on Monday. Big mistake. You see, the first two days it’s best if you don’t eat anything. You have to drink lots and lots of water, get three aloë shots, the pills and a protein shake. The result? Lack of energy and focus. So it’s best if you limit the stuff you do these days and not work full time. Like I did. Luckily if you’re struggling really badly, you can eat some veggies or fruit. Weird thing by the way: in the book they say “remember you can eat some fruit at night”, while I’d think: please don’t, cause what will your body do with all this sugar at night?

My other thoughts these first two days: aloë is very fucking disgusting. I can’t focus, what am I doing at work? I have to pee so much, so so much. I need to set an alarm for all the times I need to take pills, shots and sticks and this thought really made me feel like a drug addict.

Day 3 to 6

As of day 3 you’re allowed to eat. Yay! Food! 600 kcal nonetheless. And that’s a lot. Especially if you don’t eat meat or fish, like me. You can choose when you eat this meal. For me, I thought it best not to do this at dinner, but lunch. For better focus at work, I thought. Unfortunately my focus did not increase, not even after a huge pile of veggies and feta.

Pro: you only have to do an aloë shot in the morning. During the day you keep taking he pills and fiber stick. The fiber stick tastes like nothing by the way. I mixed it with water and a little bit of Joost, which is the purple tube you might’ve spotted on the photo. A sort of lemonade in a super handy squishy bottle. Another pro: WEIGHT LOSS. In capitals, indeed. But more about this later.

Day 7 to 9

I have to be honest with you: I’m really struggling with the not being able to eat part. Just the fact that I can’t eat anything other than certain vegetables and fruits – there’s a list in the book – makes me really really want a slice of bread. My colleague serving chocolate pie for his birthday doesn’t help either. But I managed.

The results

You’re supposed to do a weigh-in and measuring session every three days and I did. Starting at day 1 of course. After three days I already noticed a major difference. Guess what? This cleanse works! In total I lost this:

KG: -5
CM: -21,5

Unfortunately I did not notice any gain in energy. I read a lot about that online and a friend of mine that also tested Clean 9 and is a huge fan also told me that was gonna happen. Nope, not for me. The weight loss though, is incredible. Therefor I’m not gonna say you should definitely do or don’t do this. The effects of Clean 9 are different on everybody.

But, if you’re curious about Clean 9: please let me know! I’m very happy to help. And Anouk is as well. She’s great and she’ll answer every one of your questions.

Photo: Erol Ahmed

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