Lifeproof iPhone case

Why would you need a Lifeproof iPhone case,

you might ask. Because it literally is life-proof. Which means it is waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof ánd dropproof. Now usually I wouldn’t really need those, but as you know I went off to the snow a while ago. And picture this: you’re on a snowboard, chilling, and your phone rings. Of course you want to answer it, because you’re curious as hell. So you take it out of your pocket and forget you’re clumsy too and drop it in the snow.

Snowboarding essential

Luckily, that didn’t happen to me. Because I did use the Lifeproof case, the FRE version to be precise. So of course I tested it. Is it really water-, dirt-, snow- and dropproof? And how can I test that best? By dropping it in a bucket of water.

The result

Fair enough: I dropped the case in a bucket of water without my iPhone in it. I was scared, sorry about that. It did however stay dry. Like, very dry. Not a drop inside. Speaking of dropping, you can do that without it breaking as well. The only downside to this Lifeproof iPhone case? The touch screen doesn’t always respond as well as it should. So I wouldn’t use it on a day to day basis, but for work-outs or holidays it’s perfect.

Lifeproof iPhone case

Lifeproof iPhone case

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