Love Arganolie

Love arganolie,

Yeah, that’s part Dutch but you get the meaning, right? Love argan oil. Which is not only true, it’s the name of this cute webshop I came across. Argan oil is not called Moroccan gold for nothing. It’s a miracle product for hair, body, face: everything. I got to test part of Love Arganolie’s collection: a hamam towel and skin therapy shower butter. Did I love it? Let’s see…

Hamam towel testing

First of: the hamam towel I got. You can see it in the background on the photo. Isn’t that an awesome color? I already had one of those in a lighter shade and honestly: that get’s dirty quite fast on the beach. I took this one with me to Croatia and used it on the beach over there. Loved it. It’s cozy soft and super light so very easy for packing. That also makes it kinda hard to lay down on rocks though. Luckily I’m thinking of sandy beaches for my summer holiday destination.

Skin Therapy Shower Butter

Also enthusiastic, I am about this shower butter I got from Love Arganolie. It looks a little weird, with those red dots, but those little pieces of cranberry are exactly what makes this thing good. It works like a scrub on your skin. And the best thing? It leaves some sort of oily layer on your skin, that sticks even after you’ve dried off. Without being sticky. Thanks to oil from macadamia nuts and ylang ylang – yeah, I don’t know what it is either, but it feels great.

Love Arganolie


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