rituals mandi lulur

One of my favorite beauty brands,

Is Rituals. So when I heard about their new summer collection, of course I had to try it. Luckily I got a body cream and bath foam. And no, I do not have a bath in my small Amsterdam apartment, but guess what? It serves great as a shower gel too.

So of course I tested the Rituals Mandi Lulur collection for you. Cause you too need to know it’s not just a pretty – so pretty! – package. And it’s not. It smells like an Asian spa, which is not that weird because Mandi Lulur actually is a beauty treatment from Indonesia.

Every product contains the Asian plant Frangipani and rice milk. And that makes my skin super soft. Like I said, the bath foam is extremely foamy and I love that. The body cream has a slight shimmer or so it says, cause it’s not noticeable, but I like that because who wants to be a glitter ball? Some shimmer lotions will do that to you. The most important: it feeds my skin like crazy. So that’s perfect for dry summers.

Are you just as excited as I am? You can get these beauties right here.

rituals mandi lulur

rituals mandi lulur

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