Tested Rituals, Ritual of Karma

There’s this new collection of Rituals: Ritual of Karma,

As one of the biggest Rituals fans out there, of course I had to try this limited edition. Especially since this collection is a special one. It has a campaign that goes with it: 30 days of good karma. We all could use some of that, am I right? So it sounds good, but what does it mean? You can “join the movement” and receive 30 ways to attract good karma. Tips, inspiration, suggestions; you name it.

The Ritual of Karma products

So that’s that, but how’s the collection? First, let’s check out how the Ritual of Karma products look. Pretty! Rituals usually does something fun with the lids of their products, like the wooden look in the Mandi Lulur collection. This time, they picked a copper look. Combine this with the pastel green and you get very pretty packaging.

The fragrance

A pretty looking product is not what you need though. Well, not all. The smell is one of the most important things to me. I’m rubbing it on my body after all. And boy, is the smell good. Very tropical, flowery, with white lotus and bergamot. It reminds me of another Rituals fragrance, but I can’t quite recall which one.

The feels

The product I was most excited to use was the shower oil. This didn’t seem all that fun to me. Sticky oil on my skin, isn’t that gonna affect my hair? Make it all greasy? Nope! It doesn’t even feel all that oily, this oil. It feels really soft on my skin and leaves a little layer after you’ve dried off. As for the other products, they work as well as we’re used to from Rituals. Good to know you can always count on them for a smooth and fancy smelling skin.

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