rio rosa mosqueta oil

It’s not usually a good thing,

To have an oily skin. I know, because I have one and that makes me shine like a disco bal at the end of the day. Right now however, my skin is oily for a good reason. Because I just used the Rio Rosa Mosqueta oil and I can tell you: it feels good.

I had already been using the Rio Rosa-cream cleanser and loved it so with me being a big fan of oil for hair, I couldn’t wait to try the Pure Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil. Thing is, it’s 100 % natural, suitable for vegans, not tested on animals and non-GMO. Now all it need is to work.

And it does. I can actually feel my skin glow and soak it up. And after? My skin feels so soft! And it gets even more fun if you use this oil with a hot cloth. It’s simple: oil up you skin and cover it with the wet and warm hot cloth and relax!

O, just two minor warnings: the oil sprays out quite fast, so beware of spilling it. And it stains a bit so don’t use it around your favorite top. Otherwise: oil up and enjoy a thoroughly hydrated skin!

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