I was super curious about the Ziaja eye make-up remover,

So what do you do when you’re a curious blogger? You test it, of course. But first: why was I curious? Well, I’ve written about Ziaja before so please check out that for a little bit more info about the brand. Furthermore: your eyes are one of the most sensitive things regarding your body. Mine too, most eye make-up remover products hurt my eyes pretty bad.

Duo-Phase & Olive Leaf

Since Ziaja is a natural brand, I wanted to see how their product worked on me. And lucky for me, I received not one, but two versions: the Duo-Phase Make-Up Remover and the Olive Leaf Duo-Phase Make-Up Remover. Let’s see what’s the difference and most important: how it works.

Green or blue?

So first the ingredients, you can check those out by enlarging the photo down here. And how they work? Well, the blue one hurts a little more and works a little bit better on me. But it does stain my white floor so be careful when using it. The green one doesn’t, because this one is transparant instead of blue. The difference is minimal though so I suggest you try for yourself. And let me know!

ziaja eye make-up remover

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