Sounds fun right? A fashion library. Ideal for those who get tired of clothes fast, but don’t have enough money to keep shopping for new things. Like me. That’s why sisters Elisa, Angela and Diana and Suzanne Smulders came up with LENA

These sisters wanted an awesome and durable alternative for fast fashion. Without it losing it’s fun, of course. LENA is gonna be a place where people can share their clothing with each other. I’m saying ‘gonna be’, because it’s not actually there yet. They’re planning to open in October in Amsterdam so we have to be patient for a while, but when it’s there I will definitely come take a look.

When shopping at LENA, you’ll have to get a sort of subscription. That subscription is based on the amount of clothes you’re planning on borrowing. It’s like you’re in an actual library! And the best part is: if you’ve really started to love a certain piece of clothing, you can actually buy it! Try before you buy, how awesome is that?


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