Christmas lipstick

I told you I was totally into lipsticks lately,

And what’s the perfect occasion to wear a bold lip? Christmas. And since those merry days are coming up, I decided to check out which is the best Christmas lipstick. I took different kind of lipsticks, different brands. Photographed and wore them, of course, Now I’m sorry about the bad quality. Lighting is bad lately and my lamps are not quite cutting it. So yeah, I hope you’ll find it a fun read.

L’Oreal Color Riche Matte – 299 Cliché Mania

My friend is in love with all of her Color Riche lipsticks so I just had to involve one of those. It turned out to be this bright red one. Because bright red is always good. And I understand where the love is coming from too. This is a long laster, wow. And the color is pretty too.

Yves Rocher – Radiant Lip Crayon

Another piece of the Limited Edition collection by Yves Rocher is this crayon. Looks a little like the Bobbi Brown one: pretty! Only it doesn’t last as long. It feels nice on my lips though and has a friendly price. Also: it smells. Not necessarily bad, I just rather not have my lips fragranced.

Maybelline 24 Hour Superstay – 510 Red Passion

My favorite lipsticks are the 24 Hour Superstays. You kind of paint on the color, let it dry and smooth it over with the lip balm on the other side. The result? Color that lasts, does not stain and keeps lips smooth. It’s hard to remove though, guess it does it’s work a little too good sometimes.

Bobbi Brown – Ruby Shimmer 4

I was so excited to try this, as I’ve never had a Bobbi Brown lipstick before. And I’m not disappointed. Though maybe a little about the color. It’s more pink than purple. I do love the shimmer though and it feels good on my lips too, does not dry them out. And it lasts. So yay Bobbi!

Mac – Diva

Who doesn’t know about this? I think Diva by MAC Cosmetics is a classic so it had to be on this list. This is my favorite. Very bold, very out there, but also very pretty. I’m really into the dark reds lately and this color is perfect. Matte and long lasting. The only downside is that you have to be careful while applying because being so dark, it stains quickly too.

PS Primark

A pleasant surprise. It doesn’t have a name. I’ll call it the berry-red-Primark-lipstick. So catchy. It actually looks a little like Diva, just not matte. And not as long lasting, but it still is a good one for Primark standards. So if you want a bold lip on occasion but don’t want to spend the money: go for it.

Jane Iredale – Forever red

This is a curious one. You see, when you put this on it looks more like a balm. But seconds later it blossoms and turns darker. Still not an outstanding color, but perfect for everyday life. And it conditions lips too. They feel smooth and that’s a pro! Way to go Jane Iredale.

Christmas lipstick

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