denim jacket
Everybody has one piece of clothing,

That’s an unexpected favorite. You know what I mean right? That item of which you weren’t sure you should buy, but you did so anyway and now you wear it all the time. For me that’s this denim jacket.

I ran across it at Zara about three years ago and had it my hand for practically half an hour while my friends went on shopping. And I did too, because I actually thought it was too expensive at the time. However, I couldn’t seem to let go of it so I though: why the hell not? And bought it.

So it might a tad overdramatic to it is one of the best decisions of my life, but it is one of the best fáshion decisions of my life. Because I’ve been wearing it so much, I can’t even begin to count. Thing is, it fits perfectly, the color is gorgeous and stays that way too and it just matches with everything. So I can tell you one thing: you’ll be seeing me in this one this summer, yet again.

Photos: Evelyn

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