Tastees T-shirts

There’s food on you shirt,

Is not something you like hearing probably. It is though if you’re wearing one of these. Wear your favorite food! It’s actually printed in Dutch, but I think it’s so much fun I needed to write about it anyway. Also: there’s a charity involved and you know how much I love fashion with a cause.

It’s called Tastees t-shirts and it’s awesome. You see, the founders of this idea thought we worried too much about gluten, quinoa and cucumber water. We need to stop worrying and appreciate all the wonderful food we have all day every day.

So what’s the deal here? Simple: you pick your favorite dish – I’m definitely going macaron – order the T-shirt and carry out the message. Because believe me, you will get people talking with this. Every sold T-shirt will give twenty school kids in third world countries lunch through the United Nations World Food Program.


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