They All Hate Us

It may sound like a teenage kinda quote, but The All Hate Us is actually a very cool shop I recently discovered. Filled with beauty product and fashion items that are just slightly different than what you’d find in your everyday store, this website is definitely one I recommend you take a look at.

Back when this website first saw the daylight it was a platform containing everything fashion, lifestyle and inspiration, created by two best friends: Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson. Which is why when you visit They All Hate Us, the first thing you’ll see is a blog. Or more like a collection of images containing – indeed – fashion, lifestyle and inpsiration.

Recently these two friends decided to take their website tot the next level and give their shop a total makeover. Each month there’s different wardrobe must haves and essential basics to shop. Like supercute sunglasses, a pair of suede sandals I have to have or a basic jeans blouse that goes with everything. Take a look!

They All Hate Us webshop


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