Prynt polaroid phone case

Wouldn’t you just love to have a fancy photo wall,

On a prominent place in your home? Remember about those awesome retro looking polaroid walls you see on Pinterest all the time? Looks so pretty, but is so complicated. Or is it? Maybe not! With this polaroid phone case by Prynt.

Polaroid phone case

With this beauty – cause yeah, it looks pretty too – on your phone, you do not have to worry about taking that perfect picture with your polaroid camera anymore. Simply take the pictures on your iPhone  – or any other phone – and pick the prettiest one to print.

Hidden Prynt-video

And there’s more: every Prynt-photo has hidden content in the form of a video. Yep, you take the photo with your phone and add a short video. Scan – or let somebody scan – the photo with the Prynt-app and you unlock the video! Do I have to use any more words to explain how awesome this is? Better watch this video instead:

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