Combine writing and fashion

and what do you get? A very happy me, that’s for sure. So when I learned about this jewelry brand called A Beautiful Story, you know I was excited. Their notebooks with an inspiring quote on them, contain a special piece of jewelry that fits said quote perfectly.

I actually came across these cure notebooks and their accompanying bracelets at WAAR, a new shop in Groningen you should definitely visit when you’re in town. Lot’s of eco and fair trade products. Which is why this Storybook Jewelry – which is what A Beautiful Story calls them – belongs there. Every notebook is handmade out of recycled paper and has it’s own theme, which is where the jewelry comes in. The item that comes with the notebook contains a stone or charm that fits that theme.

Doesn’t this look like the perfect gift? For someone else, but also for yourself. To write down every inspiring or absolutely random though that crosses your mind during the day. Who knows what kind of masterpiece will form?

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