This Works deep sleep body therapy

Oil up your skin and be fast asleep,

Sounds good right? Which is why I am in love with this product. You probably already read it on this photo: deep sleep. Honestly, I didn’t think it would work. But I have had some trouble sleeping lately so of course I was eager to try it.

Deep sleep body therapy

The deep sleep body therapy spray-on feels like spraying water on your skin. Water that smells like lavender, which is good. It soothes skin and calms the mind, good combination if you ask me. At first, it’s a little bit sticky. It absorbs quite fast though and then all that is left is the smell of sweet lavender, vetivert, camomile, aloe vera and comfrey root. As weird as that sounds.

Deep sleep pillow spray

Then the pillow spray. I’ll give you some advice: don’t spray more than once. You’ll be breathing in the lavender and believe me, that’s not pretty. I’ve had to brush my teeth again. Twice. But if you only spray once a little above your pillow, it really does work. I mean it! Or it’s just a mental thing you know, but I did sleep so who cares?

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