beachy waves

When I’ve been to the beach,

I love my hair. It’s wavy and voluminous. The only downside? It’s not very clean. So what if you could have the beach effect with your hair being clean at the same time? Guess what: you can! With a little help from John Frieda.

So I recently got invited to the launch of a new line by one of my favorite shampoo brands. How could I say no? Luckily I didn’t because it was a lot of fun. And I’m really excited about this new line, called Beach Blonde. It gives you beachy waves that smell great too. Of course tried it, with the result up here.

You start of with the shampoo and conditioner that clean and take care of your hair and most importantly: give it a little more texture. When it’s still wet, you use the sea salt spray and then just let it dry to get the waves. O, and when your hair can use a little extra, there’s a hair mask too. So that makes it four steps, but you’ll forgive for that right?

beachy waves

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