Minimalistic jewelry inspiration

I love my fashion minimalistic,

Clothes, yes. But minimalistic jewelry as well. You can practically always catch me wearing tiny rings in my ears, a simple watch with a subtle bracelet my bff got me and some teeny tiny gold plated necklaces. But wearing the same all the time does get boring. So I headed out – or actually just started up my laptop – and went looking for some inspiration. Three types of it.

Tiny necklaces

Like I said: gold plated tiny necklaces. Short ones and sometimes one that’s a little longer, but always the same type. A small gold chain with a hanger. A feather, heart or an X. Because yeah, that’s the first lettre of my name.

Sweet little bracelets

One, two or – get crazy – five. I love it, as long as they’re small and subtle. And gold. Though I will not shy away from a little bit of color on my wrist. Especially in summer. Remember those hand made boho looking bracelets that were hot a couple of summers ago? I could go for that again.

Cute earrings

Last, but not least: the earrings. Tiny¬†buttons or rings are what I always wear. One or the other, or a combination of both. But there’s options. Like tiny palm trees, stars or – yep, there it is again- a sweet little heart.

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