Tiny necklaces

Say hi to my latest obsession,

Teeny tiny necklaces. I’ve been into the tiny ones before, but the latest here is wearing multiple at once. The result? Pure awesomeness.

Last summer I – and a lot of people with me – was all about the statement necklaces. The brighter, the bigger, the better. This summer, I feel it’s gonna go the opposite way. We’re going for tiny and I’m loving the subtleness of it. It totally fits my style at the moment, which is quite minimalistic as you have noticed.

Lately, all the jewelry I wear are some tiny earrings (usually just one, while I used to álways wear three in each ear) and a watch. If I go crazy, I add a tine bracelet but that’s it. No necklaces. But this might change when I get my hands on some tiny ones, because I love love love this trend. The ones up here are available at Asos by the way, aren’t they the cutest?

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