Dutch fashion bloggers Jamie Li

These Dutch fashion bloggers,

Might not be your typical fashion bloggers, posting lots of outfits and running around doing fashion show after fashion show. Maybe that makes them even more awesome. These Dutch fashion bloggers are business woman, each owning their own online magazine and doing various side projects as well. While being extremely fashionable. In three totally different kinds of styles by the way. These Dutchies rock.

Jamie Li

Owns Quarter Magazine. I love her style. She combines fancy with casual, her signature look is a pencil skirt, sweater and sneakers and we all know how I feel about that. But she also regularly rocks a tight dress and heels. Which is why Jamie’s Instagram is one of my favorites for outfit inspiration.

Anna Nooshin

A little less my style are Anna Nooshin’s outfits. That doesn’t make them any less inspirational though. I still love looking at the crazy combinations and prints that go all over the place one day, and fancy suit the other. This girl is the founder of NSMBL by the way, love that website. Very fun to look at during a boring work hour – I hope my boss isn’t reading this by the way.

Yara Michels

Last but not least: the girl that came up with Chapter Friday. Her style is casual and a little crazy. Jeans, printed T-shirts, jumpsuits; love it! Combined with sneakers and the occasional heel as well. Check out her Instagram if you think that looks as awesome as it sounds. Because it does.

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