Val Thorens snowboard paradise

Snowboard lovers go to Val Thorens,

No really. This also counts for the party loving shopaholics by the way. Val Thorens has this perfect triangle covered. I spent 10 days here last winter with one of my friends and I had the most awesome time. So of course I’m telling you all about it.


Even though Val Thorens has quite a lot of slopes, we bought lift passes for the entire area. You see, Val Thorens is part of Le Trois Vallées and that is one of the most beautiful skiing areas I have seen in my snowboarding life. The best thing is to get a map of the area with all slopes on it and just go explore it. Take a lift and see where it takes you.

Val Thorens snowboard paradise


It took us to Courchevel for example. Shopping in Val Thorens itself is possible, but they mostly sell ski stuff. Logically. If you feel like doing a little more shopping than that, the nearby town Couchevel is the place to be. Small, but very cute. We actually ski’d there by accident. High end shoppers will love it here, I spotted Chanel, Gucci and even Valentino. But the most excited I was about the big ass Sephora. Score!

Val Thorens snowboard paradise


Parties happen all the time in Valtho. During the day you can chill out at the 360 Bar or – my favorite – La Folie Douce. You can hear the music from afar and spot the live musicians on the balcony while you take the ski lift that goes over there. Ski back and check this place out, cause it is awesome. Also fun: watching drunk people ski down. Be careful though, skiing drunk is not a good idea.

At night, there’s even more going on. Val Thorens has a couple of streets that are packed with bars. You have to visit them to find your favorite, though they are quite alike. We spent quite a lot of time in Le Monde and Snow Café. Also: Afrojack was there. In Malaysia to be precise, a club located únderneath – yes, really – the ski piste. No worries, you’ll find it right away.

Val Thorens snowboard paradise


Val Thorens snowboard paradise

Val Thorens snowboard paradise

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