Reebok Classic White Zalando

Last Saturday. Valentine’s day.

I didn’t expect anything. Really, I kinda dislike Valentine’s day. So when I got back home from shopping in town and found a package at my door I was very much surprised. Guess what was in it?

A bottle of champagne, some food – chocolate! – and a letter from my Valenine. Can you imagine my excitement? More important however, who was it from? The answer to that was at the bottom the letter: Zalando man. How cute! How sweet! How totally adorable!

Until I found out he sent it to a dozen other girls too. How rude! Who knew the Zalando man was a total player? So I guess I’m back to kinda disliking Valentine’s day again. Unless…

Unless dear Zalando man would like to make it up to me. And why wouldn’t he? I’m sure he wants me to keep being all lovey dovey about Valentine’s day. So how can he achieve my forgiveness? Quite simple: shoes. I’d be completely back in love when given a pair of shoes. These to be precise. I mean, who wouldn’t be? O and in case you are secretly reading this, mister Zalando: I’m a size 39. Was that subtle enough?

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