It’s over! My thirty days of being vegan are done. And I must say, it wasn’t all that bad. So I thought it might be fun to do a little recap and tell you all about how my last weeks were.

The one question I get a lot now that the Vegan Challenge is over, is if I really didn’t eat any animal product at all during those thirty days. Unfortunately I cannot say I did. I ate an oliebol accidentally and at one point I got pretty sick and my throat felt like it was being stabbed by knives, so I put some honey in my tea. It was the only thing that helped so I’m sorry cute little bees!

So yeah, I didn’t succeed but I think I got close enough. I did learn a lot about being vegan and why we should all start eating more plants and less animals. If you’re interested too by the way, I have some very nice book tips for you. Like 20 Dagen VeganPlant Power and De Vegarevolutie. These are all books that explain a lot about why eating just plants is a right choice, what it does for the environment and your body and – maybe the most handy thing – how you can eat vegan easily.

So of course being vegan is not all sunshine and happy faces. There are some I came across that I didn’t like. For example going out to dinner to celebrate my parents wedding and not being able to enjoy desert or a delicious latte after. Or that time I got sick and someone suggested it was probably because I ate ‘funny’. Also, I don’t like explaining or even defending myself all the time. “Why eat vegan? You can’t eat anything anymore! You need the protein.”

I found out lots of people think of vegans as extremist, whiny people that complain about everything and never eat anything. Which of course is not true. I still could eat cookies (hello Oreo’s!), ice cream (I love you Prof. Grunschnabel) and cheese (yay Wilmersburger). Also, when my brother celebrated his birthday I made a delicious coconut pie that indeed was vegan. I can assure you, I could be an obese vegan. Easily.

Conclusion? After three days of shamelessly stuffing myself with cheese, milk chocolate and a milkshake I decided I’m going AVAP. Say what? As Vegan As Possible. At this point I’m simple too… let’s call it ‘lazy’ to eat a hundred percent vegan. But as I said, I learned a lot this past month and I believe in the power of plants now so I might not be totally vegan when there’s a birthday cake or  ice cream dessert in front of me. Or when my mom made a home cooked meal or I eat at my friends.

If there is a vegan choice however, I will choose it. And I will be a vegetarian from now on. Babysteps, I call them.


  • I went vegan a few years ago now and just can’t imagine going back now. The food is endlessly exciting and I know I am making a difference, however small.
    Well done on your journey and on the next exciting step 🙂

  • Wow awesome! I want to try it too but was thinking to start being full vegetarian first. Thanks for the book tips! Will definitely consider to do the challenge. Who knows you’ll read my experience on my blog. Keep it up!

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